Goeren Gear

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Cover your naughty bits with Officially Licensed Goeren Pants / Shorts!

All pants / shorts are available in mens and ladies sizes and are as soft as a baby koala's belly.

75% Cotton, 20 % Linen, 5% Baby Koala

Legends Workout Shorts - $39.95

Azrael crafted his talent through years of blood, sweat and bourbon. You can now try and emulate his greatness during your own workouts!

Goerengasmic Sweat Pants - $49.95

Who needs a pair of pants that say "Juicy" or "Flirt" or "Jailbait" when you can be "Goerengasmic"?

Das Megastar Workout Shorts - $39.95

Azrael Über Alles!  Celebrate our Megastar's German heritage without committing hate crimes.

Skull and Crossflags - $49.95

Hey You! Goeren fan! Do you have a thing for pirates? How about poison? Maybe you've got a flag fetish? Then have we got a pair of pants for you!